Zircoflex II Gold Ceramic Heat Shield Material 450 by 550mm

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Zircoflex™ Gold is a revolutionary flexible ceramic heat shield material, offering superb thermal barrier performance at minimal weight and minimal thickness. The material is produced as a thin, reflective Gold backing sheet. The Zircoflex II material is just 0.65mm thick and weighs 1.17kg/m².

Zircoflex Gold heat shield is suitable for temperatures up to 500°C with this two layer reducing radiated temperatures by 93%. Zircoflex can be stacked on top of each other to greatly improve its thermal barrier.

Zircoflex Gold makes an ideal heat shield and can be applied to any area of the vehicle where heat protection is needed. For example; air boxes, underside of bonnets, bulkheads, exhaust tunnels and even inlet manifolds or intercooler piping.

Zircoflex Gold heat shield material can also be applied directly to hot surfaces, such as silencer boxes or tailpipes. In this instance, the ceramic side should be placed face down on to the heat source (non-self adhesive sheets only). Securing the heat shield can then be done so by using stainless steel ties - see product EX-SS-TIES.

This Zircoflex™ Gold Ceramic Heat Shield is supplied in a 450 x 550mm flat sheet. The sheet is available in standard, non-adhesive backed or with the optional 3M adhesive backed version. Please select your required backing option from the drop down menu before placing the item in your basket.

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