Zircotec High Performance Ceramic Coatings

Zircotec products are in widespread use at all levels of motorsport including F1, NASCAR, World Rally and Le Mans. Having been trusted suppliers to both F1 and World Rally since 1996 and in the 2011 season our products were used by almost the entire F1 grid.

Results have shown an exhaust surface temperature of up to 33% resulting in lower engine bay temperatures, up to 50°C in some cases.

These Zircotec Ceramic coatings are available in the very Popular 'Performance White' colour or in a range of other 'Performance Colours' at extra cost. The colour options can be found on each individual product page.

The prices listed here are a guide to the coating process only, no parts are supplied. Any manifold can be coated so please email sales@merlinmotorsport.co.uk or phone 01249 782101 for a quotation.