Zircoflex Heat Insulation

Zircoflex is a revolutionary flexible ceramic heat shield material, offering superb thermal barrier performance at minimal weight and minimal thickness. The material is produced as a thin aluminium backed foil, now also available in two and three layer sheets.

Zircoflex I is the original Ceramic Heat shield offering 64% heat reduction. weighing just 460g/m² and only 0.25mm thick. Available with or without self adhesive backing and in four different sheet sizes.

Zircoflex II is a two layer version of the original Zircoflex Ceramic Heat Shield. Offers up to 77% reduced surface temperature whilst measuring just 0.50mm thick and weighing 1kg/m². Available in three sheet sizes.

Zircoflex III is a three layer version, just 0.85mm thick and offering up to 85% reduced surface temperatures and weighing just 1.5kg/m². Available in three sheet sizes.

Available in standard form without adhesive backing or a self adhesive version which is coated with 3M 200MP Heat Resistant Adhesive Backing (rated up to 260°C) making fitment easier, with no reduction in the Zircoflex's heat insulating abilities.