Davies Craig Slimline Electric Radiator Fan 10 Inch Diameter

£ 51.50
Davies Craig 10 inch diameter, slimline electric radiator fan (Davies Craig part code 0147). The Davies Craig electric fans come set up to 'blow' air, but simply remove the blades, turn them over and re-attach then reverse the polarity of the wires and then fan will then suck air.

The concept of the electric fan as a replacement for the mechanical fan is well established. Because it is not running all the time it saves power also it is more controllable, for instance, it can be run after engine switch off, especially in conjunction with an electric pump to avoid damaging heat build up.

Davies Craig fans have been at the forefront of electric fan cooling from the inception and are fully developed with a quiet and highly efficient blade design which together with the high quality Panasonic motor provides an excellent package. Comes supplied with 4 mounting feet.

The 10 Inch Davies Craig fan has an airflow of 696 CFM (ft3/min), a maximum current draw of 7 Amps and weighs 1.13kg.