Davies Craig LCD Digital Water Pump & Fan Controller Kit (8002)

£ 149.59
The latest digital fan and pump controller kit from Davies Craig now features a number of new facilities and improvements, the most obvious being it's LCD display. The display gives real time readouts of coolant temperature, water pump operation, fan operation and also has the ability to report various alarm conditions in case of problems with the coolant system.

Also new for the LCD Pump controller is the ability to set the engine temperature with the simple push of a button. This latest version now has a neat bracket attachment to make securing in place easier.

Using the same sensor as the older pump controller, this unit measures coolant temperature and adjusts the output voltage accordingly, thus increasing and decreasing the flow of the pump the manage engine heat. This new LCD version replaces the older 8020 version, even the electrical plug connection is the same.

In simple terms, the LCD digital water pump and fan controller performs three main functions:- Firstly acting in a familiar fashion to a thermostat by limiting coolant flow on initial start up and until the engine is up to temperature. Secondly, the controller varies flow of coolant once up to operating temperature, thus maintaining a steady temperature. And finally, switching on the electric fan should the engine reach above 3° of it's target temperature.

The LCD controller will work with all versions of Davies Craig electric water pumps, both 12 and 24 volt versions.

Allows removal of the engine thermostat as well as removal of the water pump impeller or pump pulley. Comes complete with wiring harness, sensor and housing for sensor (to suit 35 or 40mm I.D. pipe), 2 clips and detailed wiring instructions.