Evans Waterless Coolant (Power Cool 180°)

Evans Power Cool 180° waterless engine coolant has been specially formulated for performance and motorsport engines. The Power Cool 180° protects engine cooling systems from -40°C to 180°C and it's unique properties it prevents many of the problems found in water based coolants, such as..........

No water means no overheating: Evans Power Cool 180° has a boiling point of 180°C and will not boil over.

No water means no corrosion: Water contains oxygen, oxygen allows corrosion. Power Cool 180° contains no water and thus, no corrosion.

No water means no liner pitting: Power Cool 180° generates significantly less pitting when compared to water based coolants.

No water means low pressure: Evans Power Cool 180° allows your cooling system to run at a lower pressure when compared to water based coolants meaning less strain on the engine components.

No water means more Power: Power Cool 180° prevents premature detonation which is associated with overheating, giving greater BHP readings.

Evans Classic Cool for older, non high performance engines. Features inhibitors to help protect older metals found in post 1945 engines.

Evans Prep Fluid is an essential accessory when filling Power Cool for the first time. Removes all traces of water whilst also cleaning any loose dirt, debris and scale from within the system.

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