Pair of Lifeline Wire Towing Eyes in Yellow

Pair of Lifeline Wire Towing Eyes in Yellow
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Lifeline wire towing eyes which meet the latest MSA regulation (Q19.1.13) which is being adopted by many saloon championships. Designed to have a breaking strain in excess of 2 tons and allow the passage of a 60mm cylinder through the eye.

Lifeline Yellow wire towing eyes are available either 250mm long or 300mm long. Please select your required length from the selection menu before placing the item in your basket. Price shown is for 2 wire towing eyes in Red.

The MSA Blue Book states:-
(Q)19.1.3. a) There must be substantial towing eyes securely fixed to the main structure of the vehicle, front and rear, within the confines of the body to enable the vehicle to be moved. Cars of periods A to F and single seater racing cars are exempt from this requirement subject to a suitable towing point being clearly
identified. Towing eyes must have a minimum internal diameter of 60mm. Towing eyes/towing points should be painted a contrasting bright colour (dayglo red, orange or yellow).
b) The following configuration is strongly recommended:
Vehicles to be equipped with two front and two rear towing eyes positioned equally either side of the longitudinal center line. The towing eyes must be made of at least 6mm diameter steel wire rope with a 6x19 wire core. Each towing eye must have a breakingstrain of at least 2 tons and must allow the passage of a cylinder with a diameter of 60mm, situated 25mm forward of the adjacent bodywork - 100 mm above and below this hole must retain clearance to enable the recovery crews to attach straps and shackles. They must be clearly visible, marked with an arrow and the word “tow” and the wire painted in yellow, red or orange to contrast with the vehicle colour scheme. The towing eye must be fixed to a structural part of the chassis with a minimum of M10 (Grade 8.8) fixings, the inner part must be flexible in order for the towing eye to be retracted inside the bodywork profile.