Schroth Harness for Racing

Schroth has been manufacturing racing and tuning (street legal) harnesses for over 50 years. Since 1960 Schroth has conducted ongoing crash tests to further increase the product quality and performance to meet the increasing safety requirements. With the knowledge gained from their extensive testing, Schroth has become the technology leader in racing harnesses.

The Clubman range of harnesses from Schroth are entry level harnesses featuring Schroth's standard steel shoulder adjusters.

The Profi range of Schroth harnesses feature lightweight aluminium shoulder adjusters. Some models of Profi harness are available with Schroth's Flexi Belt technology meaning the waist straps can be switched between 'pull-up' adjustment and 'pull down' adjustment.

Any Schroth harness with FE in the description means the harness is both FIA Approved for racing and ECE Approved for road use.