Millers Classic Pistoneeze 15W40 Mineral Oil (5 Litres)

Millers Classic Pistoneeze 15W40 Mineral Oil (5 Litres)
Millers Oils
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Millers Oils Classic Pistoneeze 15W40 is a moderate detergent, premium SAE 15W40 multigrade mineral engine oil designed for use in Classic petrol and diesel engines where a multigrade 15W40 oil is required.

The Classic 15W40 engine oil incorporates modern additive technology along with period viscometrics to provide the optimum lubrication characteristics. This 15W40 grade oil is suitable for higher mileage applications where oil consumption is a problem, as high viscosity oil helps reduce oil oss and leakage.

The modern technology ensures an oil which will meet up to date specifications whilst meeting with period perfoamnce requirements, A data sheet for the Millers Classic Pistoneeze 15W40 oil can be found in the Technical Info tab.

Supplied in 5 litre metal tins.