Lifeline Zero 360 Fire Extinguisher Kit 3.0Kg Electrical FIA Approved

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Lifeline Tech 16 Specs.
£ 820.85
Lifeline Zero 360 3.0kg Electrical Fire Extinguisher kit which is FIA Technical list 16 compliant.

Using improved Novec 1230 enviromentally friendly extinguishing agent which replaces Halon as a gaseous extinguishant. Combined with Lifeline's Compression Discharge technology, you are assured of superior results over standard stored pressure systems as only pure undiluted extinguishing agent is deployed, unlike others that are saturated with Nitrogen thereby reducing the efficiency of the agent.

Zero 360 system discharge is achieved through specially designed high flow nozzles optimised to suit the Novec 1230 product and creating a fire smothering gas cloud in the engine and crew compartments, even extinguishing fire not in sight of the nozzles. Zero 360 systems are compatible for use with diesel and methanol fuels.

The extinguisher bottle in this kit weighs 3.9kg and measures 297mm long by 125mm diameter. Kit comes complete with bottle mounting bracket, 6 nozzles, 8 metres of tubing, 8 metres of heat proof sleeving, 1 Power Pack, 2 Firing Buttons, 4 T-Connectors, 1 Bulkhead fitting and Decal sheet.

Technical list 16 systems must be fitted exactly as Homologated, as displayed in the installation instructions. These systems are fitted with a 2-way (Tee) outlet, this must not be changed and ALL nozzles supplied with the kit MUST be used.