Lifeline Fire Extinguishers

Lifeline Fire & Safety Ltd's constant commitment to research and development ensures that the product you buy is at the cutting edge of motorsport fire protection. No other company has made such a contribution to this field, including the development of the fully flexible dip tube, the first enviromentally friendly system (Lifeline Zero 2000), the flow control system and the new improved Zero 360 and Zero ZERO systems using the latest Halon replacement, Novec™ 1230.

The Zero 3620 fire extinguisher systems by Lifeline meet the lastest standard for fire extinguisher systems needed for some FIA events. The 8865-2015 standard for fire suppression systems has been met and passed by Lifeline's new range topping Zero 3620 fire extinguisher systems.

We are able to service Lifeline Zero 2000 Fire Extinguishers from our premises here at Castle Combe Circuit. Mechanical systems can be serviced whilst you wait, electrical systems normally require a few hours.

Alternatively, you can send us your extinguisher and , where possible, we will service and dispatch it back on the same day on which we receive it.