Lifeline Zero 2020 Fire Extinguisher Kit 3 Litre Mechanical Service & Refill

£ 92.50
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Lifeline Zero 2020 3 Litre Mechanical Fire Extinguisher service and refilling is available through us. Any Lifeline fire extinguisher should be serviced every 2 years in accordance with Lifeline guidelines and FIA/MSUK rules.

Merlin can offer the service or refill of a Lifeline 3 Litre Zero 2020 mechanical fire extinguisher with fast delivery times available.

The cylinder must have been serviced by Lifeline or an approved service agent every 2 years, if a cylinder has gone without service for 6 years from date of manufacture it will only be serviced if it is in good condition and passes a hydrostatic pressure test. We can not offer a service or refill on bottles which are older than 10 years old.

If the date of your fire extinguisher has expired, please select Service, if you have set your extinguisher off, please select Refill from selection menu.

Please send your carefully packaged fire extinguisher along with your contact details to:-
Merlin Motorsport
The Bridgestone Building
Castle Combe Circuit
SN14 7EY