Digital Thermatic Radiator Fan Switch (Adjustable)

Digital Thermatic Radiator Fan Switch (Adjustable)
Davies Craig
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£ 37.08
The Davies Craig adjustable digital thermatic radiator fan switch gives you the ability to select the temperature at which you want the fan(s) to come on. The range available is from 40°C to 110°C and is simply set at the touch of a button whilst viewing the LCD temperature display.

This Davies Craig fan switch comes complete with two separate relays which allows two fans to be activated for increased temperature control. The unit can start the second fan 10 seconds after the first fan has started if required. The LCD display can display the temperature it is reading in either Centigrade or Fahrenheit. The total current capacity for the Fan Thermostat unit is 50 Amps. For use in 12 Volt systems only.

The stainless steel temperature probe is designed to be fitted in the fins of the radiator in order for it to read temperature whilst the switch is designed to be fitted in the engine bay, near the radiator. Fitting instructions for the Davies Craig Digital Thermatic Fan Switch can be found in the Technical Info tab, above the product image.