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Sytec Bullet Fuel Filter: How to Disassemble, change and reassemble to change the filter element.


Here we briefly explain and show how to change the filter element in your Sytec Bullet Aluminium fuel filter.

We show changing the paper element out for a stainless steel element but the steps are the same for both.

First things first: Remember which way around the filter was mounted in your vehicle! The inlet is the flat end, the outlet is the “bullet” shaped end.

Tools Required: 1 x 5/8” open ended spanner. You may also require a second depending on how tight the filter body is screwed together. We only needed one for this purpose. 


Step 1:

Unscrew the flat end from the filter body. You may require a second 5/8” spanner to hold the opposite end of the filter if it’s a tad tight. Remember – Righty tighty, lefty loosey!


Step 2:

Remove the old filter element from the body, this should simply fall out or at most require a tap on the body for it to come out. There is a seal in the base, be careful not to lose this as it may come out with the filter element. Or better still, purchase a new Seal Kit from us so you have a spare and/or in case the existing one needs replacing.


Step 3:

Take this opportunity to clean the inside of the filter body before reassembly. We recommend using brake cleaner, nothing that will damage the anodised body or seals and something that evaporates after a few seconds.


Step 4:

Grab your new filter element (for this purpose we used the cleanable, high flow, stainless steel element) and slide this into the filter body. Remember – Make sure the seal is in the base of the filter body and make sure you put the element in the correct way up.


Step 5:

Screw the end cap back on to the body by hand until tight. Grab your spanner and tighten until fully tight. Again, you may require your second 5/8” spanner to do this.

Something worth noting here: We have heard instances of the high flow metal elements being ever so slightly longer than the paper ones, which means the end cap will not fully tighten down on to the body (though in this case it did). Sytec recommend that the end cap is nipped up a little tighter to achieve this. In some cases this does dent the top of the filter element but it should not damage it.


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29th July 2019