Mocal Oil Cooler

Oil coolers are necessary on tuned and high performance engines. As temperature rises, the oil gets thinner which reduces the lubricating properties. To keep the oil temperature at around 80 degrees celcius, it may be necessary to fit a Mocal oil cooler.

All Mocal oil coolers are supplied by Think Automotive and are manufactured inEngland .

The Mocal Oil Cooler is supplied in 2 widths, 115mm Matrix and 230mm Matrix.

Maximum working pressure on the standard range of oil coolers is 10 bar (150 psi) although the coolers are tested to 11.5 bar (170psi). The Oil cooler must be mounted so that they are protected from excessive vibration, rubber bobbins are ideal, and all 4 brackets should be used. The hose runs to the cooler should not be rigid or exert tension on the unions.