Setrab Oil Cooler & Adaptors

We stock a wide range of Setrab Proline Oil coolers. The Setrab oil cooler is unique in that it can have almost any threaded unions on the top. Setrab Oil Coolers are supplied in 3 widths, 115mm, 230mm and 305mm Matrix.

Setrab Adaptors. All Setrab Oil coolers are supplied with M22 female threads. A male/male adaptor is required mate to the normal oil union threads. Adaptors are available with BSP, JIC and Metric threads and 2 are required for each cooler. All Setrab Oil Coolers are made in Sweden.

The coolers must be mounted so that they are protected from excessive vibration, rubber bobbins are ideal, and all 4 brackets should be used. The hose runs to the cooler should not be rigid or exert tension on the unions.

A general rule is that a low cooler with a few long tubes gives a slightly higher pressure drop than a narrow cooler with more rows.