Goodridge G-Link Quick Disconnect Couplings

Goodridge G-Link Quick Disconnect Couplings have been developed for use in hydraulic applications within motorsport providing a fast, secure hose disconnection without the loss of fluid or the entrance of air. These Couplings are manufactured only from high strength certified aluminium and feature a stainless steel sealing face improving the longevity of fittings/seals and eliminating scratches and seeps.

Goodridge G-Link Quick Disconnect Couplings are available in two types. The Pull Type are FIA Approved and are used for Fuel/Oil/Water applications. Ideal for when changing engines in a hurry. Can also be used for the connection for an FIA Approved Fuel Sampling system which is required for some events.

The Bayonet Type are used for brake/clutch, fuel, differential and gear shift actuator applications amongst other, up to 200 Bar. The Bayonet locking mechanism is designed for one-hand operation, pushing & twisting the outer sleeve. Both halves are equipped with self acting valves which stop both fluid loss and air entry during coupling & uncoupling.