Tilton 3 Chamber Brake Fluid Reservoir With -4JIC Outlets

£ 133.39
Tilton three chamber brake fluid reservoir with -4JIC (7/16UNF) threaded outlets. Manufactured from Fibreglass reinforced nylon material, this Tilton brake fluid reservoir can be used for both front and rear brakes and clutch all in one compact and neat unit.

The centre reservoir, designed for supplying the front brake system, holds 289ml. The left reservoir for the rear brakes holds 186ml and the right hand reservoir holds 118ml for use with the clutch.

Comes with gasket sealing lids which allow for easing cleaning,whilst also incorporating screens inside to prevent foreign objects entering the reservoir. Leak-proof baffle design ensures that fluid remains in the reservoir.

Also features convenient fluid level indicator windows and two hole mounting system for simple mounting to a firewall or bulkhead.

This Tilton Three Chamber Brake Fluid Reservoir #77-577 has three -4JIC (7/16UNF) threaded outlets.

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