SPA Fuel Pressure / Volts Dual Gauge

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SPA Dual Fuel Pressure / Volts gauge DG207. SPA DG200 series dual gauge in a 52mm housing. Lightweight compact instrument comes complete with comprehensive manual, sensors and wiring harness.

Other features of the SPA DG207 Fuel Pressure / Volts gauge include:

User programmable backlighting from 7 colours.
Adjustable backlight brightness.
User programmable units for pressure and temp i.e. PSI, BAR orKGcm2 and °C or °F.
High resolution modes for 0.1 PSI or °C.
Programmable button function, recall and menu etc.
Extended temperature operation for extreme climates -20 +70°C.
Stainless steel pressure and vacuum sensors.
Programmable warning lights, including low battery.
Programmable outputs for driving external LED's or relays.
Programmable high and low alarm settings for both pressure and temperatures.
Contrast adjust for easier reading at different viewing angles.

SPA Gauges can be supplied with either Black or White faces,please select from the drop down menu above before placing the item in your basket.