NMB Rod End 5/16 Bore with 5/16UNF Right Hand Thread

£ 47.15
NMB Rod End 5/16 bore x 5/16 UNF Right Handed thread. High spec. rod end bearings used in Motorsport applications. Manufactured to aircraft and military specification and have been the preferred choice of race car manufacturers for over 30 years.

This range of NMB rod end bearings are made from heat treated stainless steel and feature a Teflon fabric liner. This particular bearing is stamped with the NMB part number ART5ER. The dimensions for this rod end are:-
Ball Centre to end of thread 'A'= 1.875"
Ball Bore Diameter 'B'= 5/16"
Thread length 'C'= 1.1875"
Head diameter 'D'= 0.900"
Body width 'T'= 0.327"
Ball width 'W'= 0.437"