New Cobra Imola Pro-Fit Seat

£ 457.50
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Cobra's latest Imola PRO-FIT seat is much taller than the previous version yet still allows for easy enrty & exit in to cars due to the lower side supports in the thigh area. Seat surfaces have been digitally mastered and CNC machined in solid Ureol before tooling. This means perfect symmetry and functional styling elements that were not feasible in traditional methods of manufacturing.

Finite Element Analysis ensures the changes in the shape and structure provide incredible stiffness and strength to the finished product, allowing the driver far more feedback than ever before with maximum safety. The very latest hybrid composite materials combined with the functional surface details ensure an optimum weight to performance ratio. FHR restraint features are more pronounced and refined so that all seats are compatible perfectly with all FHR devices now available in the market.

The Cobra Imola PRO-FIT seat is the most cost effective way to take advantage of Cobra’'s well earned reputation for safety, the Imola PRO-FIT makes no compromises in delivering technical specification and industry leading protection. Coupled with Cobra’s PRO-FIT custom padding system the Imola is available to an even wider range of drivers and remains one of the safest, rigid, comfortable and best value seats in the market. Weighs 7.9kgs

PRO-FIT is a unique padding system designed by Cobra to help accommodate a wider range of fitments within a standard range of seats.  The benefits are that the user is more accurately positioned in the seat so that the harness and Hans device work to their full potential, the user is more comfortable and ultimately safety is maximised.  Each composite Cobra seat is supplied as standard with a base and knee cushion available in three depths(LO/MID/HI) along with a backrest available in two depths(LO/MID).  Combined with standard and GT shell widths, there is a choice of 36 size combinations ensuring there is an exact fit for every driver.  Each seat will be supplied as MID/MID/MID unless otherwise specified.  Please call or email for sizing charts and further advice.

Cobra Imola Pro-Fit Seats are available in standard width or GT width (giving an extra 30mm) and in Black, Blue, Red or Grey. Please select your required size and colour from the drop down menu above.

Homologated to FIA 8855-1999 standard.

(Please note, the side mounts shown in the picture are for illustration purposes only and are sold separately)