Millers 10W60 CFS Nanodrive Plus Synthetic Engine Oil (5 Litre)

Millers 10W60 CFS Nanodrive Plus Synthetic Engine Oil (5 Litre)
Millers Nanodrive Plus 10W60 is a fully synthetic triple ester engineoil featuring Millers' Nano Technology ultra low frictionformulation. Suitable for larger race and rally engines, withor without turbochargers. Ideal for engines which are subjected tosevere and high stress levels.

For competition or high performance modified engines, eithernormally aspirated or turbo chrged. Also suitable for fast road ortrack day use, especially in engines where a 10W40 is normallyspecified. Suitable for operating at 125°C with peak temperaturesup to 150°C.

The NanoDrive Range of oils from Millers are the latest engineoils for motorsport and have been designed to offer racers, enginebuilders and team managers a whole range of valuable benefits.Lower friction means less power loss - meaning more power to thewheels and potentially more speed. In turn, this leads to moredurable engine due to reduced wear meaning reduced frequency ofengine builds and so reduced costs.

So how does it work? In an engine it is estimated that 15% to20% of the energy in the fuel is lost through internal friction.Friction is caused by the roughness of surfaces moving against eachother. Friction causes wear and uses valuable energy throughmechanical losses turning the engine over and in the generation ofheat. Cutting friction within the engine will reduce wear on engineparts and the heat generated, as well as giving drivers more powerat the wheels. This is done using clever nanoparticles which actlike millions of ball bearings, together with ingredients thatsmooth out the surface roughness of the metal engine parts.

Tested against a competitors oil of the same viscosity, werecorded 33% lower friction at operating temperatures of 110-110Deg C. Test results speak for themselves, for example:

5% boost in power in a Porsche 911 race engine on a rolling roaddyno
1.5% power boost in a Skoda 1.6 rally engine, on an engine testbed
That's not all. Low friction is just part of the story. These newoils are designed to maintain good lubricant film integrity,essential to protect the engine components.

The CFS NT engine oils are the first in a range of Millers Oilsproducts that will use the depth of knowledge of lubricanttechnology to design products that lower friction, release power atthe same time maintaining excellent engine protection.