McLube Automotive Speed Polish

McLube Automotive Speed Polish

£ 40.00
McLube Automotive Speed Polish is a newly developed polish from McLube based in the USA. It's unique formula reduces drag to help gain speed. This polish can be used on painted surfaces, fibreglass, glass, metal and vinyl. Used by many leading Touring Car and Single Seater race teams.

McLube Automotive Speed Polish has an environmentally friendly Citrus base. It resists tar and traffic film and provides superior, long lasting UV protection.

Important - do not let this polish dry. Before polishing, wash surface to remove any dirt, salt or grit to avoid scratching. Stir contents well then saturate a small cloth with polish and apply to the surface. Immediately polish away excess polish using a different, clean cloth. A video showing how to use this polish can be seen above.

Supplied in 500ml tin.

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