Indi Seat Making Kit

Indi Seat Making Kit
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The Indi seat making kit is an innovative seat making system which offers drivers an extremely comfortable seat which also offers high levels of safety and protection. The Indi seat making kit is the cleanest and most reliable way of making a bespoke seat to fit almost any driver.

The Indi kit materials used have been heavily tested at an FIA Approved test laboratory. These complete kits include casting bag with filter and on/off valve. Impact absorbing beads, resin and hardener (the resin features a coloured dye to help with thorough mixing). Mixing jug, funnel and mixing stick along with a hose for the vacuum and full user instructions.

The Indi seat kit is available in 6 sizes to suit most vehicles and driver sizes. The sizing guide is as follows:-

20 Litre GT Kit :- Ideal for replacing seat shell padding - designed to fit under legs, lumbar or back area.
25 Litre Seat Kit :- Ideally suited for larger drivers in a tight cockpit or seat shell - designed to fit torso or legs etc.
30 Litre Seat Kit :- For tight cockpits or used as a liner/insert inside a seat shell or removable seat. Often used in F1, GP2, Touring Car, LMP, Formula Ford, F3 and Historic cockpits with larger drivers.
40 Litre Seat Kit :- As the 30 litre kit but with a smaller driver.
50 Litre Seat Kit :- The most popular single seater kit such as Formula Renault, GP2, GP3, F3 and LMP and has been used by very small drivers in seat shells in GT and Touring cars.
70 Litre Seat Kit :- Similar to the 50 litre kit but when making a stand alone seat in open cockpits such as in Caterhams, Radicals, Sports 2000 and used for smaller drivers in Formula Renault, F3, IRL etc.

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