Cartek GT Solid State Battery Isolator Kit

£ 240.50
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The Cartek GT Solid State Battery Isolator is a very small yet highly reliable alternative to the traditional mechanical master switch. The Cartek Solid State Isolator has been designed to overcome all of the problems and restrictions which can sometimes be associated with the mechanical battery isolator switches.

Other key features of the Cartek GT Solid State Battery Isolator switch include:-
Fully electronic with no moving parts.
Totally sealed against water and dirt.
Completely resistant to shock and vibration.
Fully integrated with built in alternator run-down circuitry, meaning no extra components required.
Driver operation by single internal ON-OFF button.
External operation by single or multiple button(s).
Buttons are connected to the Isolator using lightweight wiring.
Mounts close to the battery for reduced cables.
Extremely small, weighing just 140grms.
Designed and manufactured within the U.K. using high quality components.

When fitted to a race car, the Cartek GT Solid State Battery Isolator simultaneously isolates the battery and kills the engine immediately when triggered, in accordance with FIA safety regulations.

This Cartek GT Battery Isolator kit includes the isolator switch, 1x waterproof internal button, 1x waterproof external button and safety stickers. The external button is available in Red or Blue, please select your required button colour from the drop down menu before placing the item in your basket.