Cartek Gear Indicator with OBD2 Connection

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Gear Indicator Instructions OBD
£ 189.50
The new Gear Indicator from Cartek has been designed as a dashboard mounted device to indicate to a driver the current selected transmission gear. It also has a sequential shift light display which can be set to indicate to the driver the best time to shift up a gear.

The selected gear is shown by a large, multi-coloured 7 segment numerical display whilst the shift light function is displayed towards the upper part of the unit by 8 multi-coloured LED's. These 8 LEDs form a display sequence that will commence at an engine speed prior to optimum and complete at precisely the optimum speed thereby giving the driver early indication to shift up before the rev limiter is reached or engine damage occurs.

The Gear Indicator (OBD2) will work on a wide range of cars equipped with an OBD2 Port. To check your car is compatible make sure your OBD port works of one of these OBD2 Protocols:
SAE J1939
ISO 9141
ISO 14230
ISO 15765-4

More information and instructions for the Cartek Gear Indicator with OBD2 Connection can be found in the Technical tab above the product image.