BG Racing Infrared Pyrometer

£ 94.99
BG Racing infrared Pyrometer is a compact and lightweight Thermometer gun featuring a laser site. The gun can be set to read in both °C and °F and has adjustable emissivity. It's a fast to react and highly accurate pyrometer giving an instant, non-contact surface temperature readings, from -50 to 800°C.

The Infrared Thermometer Gun displays minimum, maximum and average temperatures on the backlit display in 0.1 degree increments ideal for measuring engine, track, radiator temperatures etc. Multiple mode functions including ‘Temperate Difference’, ‘High Temperature Alarm’, ‘Low Temperature Alarm’ and ‘Data Storage’ for recording 12 surface temperatures with instant recall facility.

A built in low battery indicator and auto power-off help preserve the 9V battery included with the pyrometer, and a rubber coating on the plastic fuselage aids grip and usability whilst offering a premium feel in the hand.

Supplied in a hard shell, foam lined carry case for protection during storage and transportation.

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