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Assembling a bespoke hose using Goodridge hose and fittings - the easy way!


We offer a hassle free way to make up your hoses to spec - let us make them for you, free of charge!


Here are photos of Chris making up three fuel hoses destined for a Raw Striker kit car that has had a recent upgrade to Omex throttle bodies - Nice!


BEFORE - fittings attached by the customer to correct lengths of 'make-do' hose

AFTER - All 3 hoses completed by us.  Assembled and ready to fit to the car


Here’s what you'd need to do -

1/ Order necessary fittings for your hose (in this case the customer was using Goodridge 236 fittings and 200 series hose).

2/ Dry fit them to the vehicle, this gives you an excellent idea of where best to route the hoses etc.

3/ Then use some cheap hose or string to get the hose cut lengths required (in this case wiring cable was used).

4/ Send all to us, or call into our workshop with the fittings and a note of required hose lengths and we’ll cut the hose to your specifications and assemble the hoses for you - no charge and hassle free!

Please note that we can only do this for hose and fittings that have been purchased from us.



And here's what we'll then do - 


 Measuring your hose cut length

The fuel hose cut to your length before assembly

Preparing the fittings for assembly

Pushing the 200 series hose into the collar of the 236 fitting

Screw in the main body of the fitting to the red collar gently and by hand

Using the correct Imperial sized spanner to tighten up the fitting

One completed hose assembly


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18th April 2023