Longacre Hot Lap GPS Lap Timer with Track Mapping

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Hot Lap Timer Instructions
Longarce Hot Lap GPS lap timer complete with track mapping. This new in-car timing system lets the driver see their lap times as they happen. The GPS allows you to get precise and accurate readings without the need of a beacon on the pit wall.

The Hot Lap GPS lap timer can record up to 200 laps and will display your fastest lap whilst also showing the difference between your current lap versus both your best lap and your previous lap. Many other great features such as the speed and odometer function, target speed and distance, create custom track mapping segments, closed and open circuits and more.

The Track Mapping function allows you to divide the track in to timed segments so you can easliy see where time is being both lost and gained. The 3" (76mm) backlit graphic display is easy to read. The GPS sensor simply mounts within the vehicle.

More features and user instructions can be found in the Technical Info tab above the product image.