Aerocatch 3 Shear & Tension Latch Fastener Below Panel

£ 181.98
AeroCatch®3, the latest addition to the AeroCatch® family of fasteners, offers an aerodynamic, high strength tension latch for fastening panels together with the added feature of a shear engagement tongue allowing the latch to carry loads in 3 axis. A typical application is panel fastening for sports car bodies where traditional surface mounted latches are used in recessed pockets in an effort to improve air flow and aesthetics. AeroCatch®3 eliminates this expensive and time consuming pocket mould process and only requires a simple panel cut-out for installation.

This Flush version is fitted from below the body panel.

Other features of AeroCatch®3 include aerodynamic styling, light weight high strength construction, shear tongue engagement for positive location. Load is carried in 3 axis. Positive drawhook hold out for ease of panel assembly.

Supplied as all AeroCatch® products in a blister pack of 2 complete with full installation and operating instructions, drawings, panel preparation template, 4 load spreading nut plates and fixing screws.  Also available are individual latch and strike bodies for fitting to spare bodywork.

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