Oil Coolers

The tasks of engine oils are to lubricate, to cool and toprohibit corrosion. If the oil runs at too high a temperature theproperties deteriorate, the consequence is excessive wear, reducedlife expectancy and in the worst case excessively high oiltemperatures which can lead to engine failure.

Mocal and Setrab oil coolers are designed to cool the oil onhigh performance and competition engines. The oil coolers, bothSetrab and Mocal are oil to air coolers. The cooler consists of avariable number of aluminium pressed plates. The oil ways areinterspersed with aluminium strip louvered and formed intocorrugations to provide air ways. The design of the Setrab andMocal oil coolers is beautifully simple and efficient.

A Mocal oil cooler is supplied with the oil unions brazed to thecooler.

A Setrab oil cooler is supplied with a M22 female boss and arange of BSP and JIC unions are interchangeable.

PWR oil coolers are available in two types, slimline andstandard sizes.