Goodridge 910 Series Hose

The Goodridge G-Line XF 910 Series hose has outstanding resistance to pressure, much higher than that of conventional convoluted PTFE lined hose whilst maintaining a very high flow rate, sometimes allowing you to reduce the bore size of the hose being used, thus saving weight and space.

All sizes of Goodridge G-Line XF hose are usable at full vacuum (0 Bar pressure) up to 130°C. Above this, the vacuum resistance should be reduced by 1% for every degree above 130°C. SAEJ1737 compliant.

910 Series hose is the first choice for leading motorsport teams and is Goodridge's flagship lightweight hose. The 910 hose combines a woven, super-light Aramid braid with a single, 100% PTFE inner core which is smooth inside for increased flow. Suitable for use with 811 Series re-useable fittings and can be used with Fuel, Air, Water, Methanol and Oil from -45°C to 170°C.