Goodridge 600 Series Brake & Clutch Hose from Merlin Motorsport

Goodridge 600 Series Brake & Clutch Hose

Goodridge 600 Series Brake and Clutch Hose. PTFE lined BrakeHose with stainless steel overbraid. Excellent for all 2 and 4wheel braking applications.

The Goodridge 600 Series Brake Hose strongly resists expansionunder high pressure and temperature whilst providingconsistent brake and clutch pedal pressure giving firmer and moreefficient operation without 'spongy' feeling.

Goodridge -3 Brake hose is commonly used for brake lines, -4hose is more commonly used for clutch lines.

Here at Merlin Motorsport, we have a designated GoodridgeTechnical Workshop where we can assemble brake and clutch hoses toyour specification. Please email phone 01249 782101 for more details or a quotation.