Zircotec Ceramic Coating For Honda Nsx Tubular Manifold

£ 432.00
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Zircotec Ceramic coating service for Honda NSX. Price shownis for coating a 6cylinder tubular exhaust manifold. This is Ceramiccoating service only, not the parts. You supply us the parts yourequire to be coated. The service takes around 2 weeks to completefrom receipt of the parts to be coated.

Finished in Zircotec's Performance White colour, the ceramiccovering is approximately 0.3mm thick when applied resulting inminimal weight gain. Performance White is one of the most popularcolour options available from Zircotec.

Almost any manifold or exhaust can be coated, if you cannot findyour application, please email or phone for a quotation.

Zircotec Ceramic Coating offers a robust fit-and-forget coatingeliminating the need for exhaust wrap, protecting componentsagainst corrosion whilst continuing to perform and look good raceafter race.Also provides significantly lower exhaust surfacetemperatures, typically reduced by ~33%. Reduced heat loss from theexhaust resulting in lower engine bay temperatures - reductions of50°C were recorded by one race team. Protection for vulnerablecomponents located close to the exhaust; avoiding heat damage,increasing component life, and allowing closer packaging ofequipment inside the engine bay.

Improved engine performance and reliability. Lower air intaketemperatures lead to increased engine power, whilst keeping theheat inside the exhaust allows the gases to flow more easilyincreasing cylinder scavenging, and allowing turbochargers to spoolup more quickly. Reduced heat soak through footwells, bulkheads,etc. so drivers are potentially cooler, more comfortable, and moreable to concentrate. Rapid cooling of the exhaust when the engineis turned off - the surface temperature of the coating dropsquickly when the engine is off, making pit stops faster, easier andsafer.