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VentureShield™ is a tough, durable, transparent, helmet paint protection system which prevents stone chips and other debris from damaging the front of your helmet. The protective coating has been extensively tested by major automotive manufacturers and comes with an easy-to-use application kit.

This Venture shield kit suits Arai SK-6, SK-5, CK-6 and GP-5W Helmets only.

The trouble-free kit for the ultimate protection of your helmet paint. Kit comes complete with pre-cut Ventureshield to protect areas shown (in Blue), Application Bottle & Fluid, Instructions and Applicator.


Remove your visor and make sure that the helmet surface is clean. Spray the area of the helmet where the material will be fixed. Peel the material off the backing paper while spraying the adhesive side of the material with the solution. Spray the face of the film with the solution and working outwards with the squeegee, use short strokes to remove any fluid and air bubbles; this will secure the film in place. Continue working the film until all areas are secured, and dry off any excess fluid with a paper towel.