Universal Vertical Coolant Header/Swirl Tank - 38mm Pipes

Universal 1.5 litre capacity aluminium water header/swirl tank with bulkhead mounting and 38mm pipes. Manufactured in the U.K, this tank is ideal for all types of car but especially race and rally cars where the engines coolant needs to be kept to it's ideal temperature.

Designed to "swirl" the water in a downwards motion as it enters the tank, helping to eliminate the air trapped in the system. This therefore keeps the pressure of the coolant system lower, meaning the water temperature stays lower because of this. This tank also doubles up as a header tank for filling of the system so a conventional radiator cap can be fitted (though is not supplied).

Made from 2mm aluminium, this tank is robust but lightweight. The height of this tanks body is 200mm (plus 25mm for the neck and 42mm for the outlet pipe), the diameter is 100mm (plus 25mm for the inlet pipe). It has 38mm (1 1/2") diameter inlet and outlet pipes with an 8mm (5/16") overflow on the neck. Mounting bracket measures 150mm wide, 60mm long and 35mm deep with a 130mm hole centre for bulkhead mounting. Mounting bracket is welded half way up the body.

Each header tank is quality checked and pressure tested before shipping to ensure the best quality UK workmanship is always supplied.