Tilton Premium Brake Bias Adjuster Cable

Tilton Premium Brake Bias Adjuster Cable
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72-408 Installation Instructions
£ 149.50
Tilton Premium remote brake bias adjuster has been designed to attach to brake balance bars to allow brake bias adjustments by the driver during competition.

The Tilton 72-408 Premium brake bias adjuster features a lightweight, billet Aluminium adjustment knob with rubber grip. The cross-section, spring loaded dual detent system provides smooth and precision action. The high quality 6 foot cable has 'wind-up' resistant sleeving on the outside. This cable has been optimised for function, durability and weight saving and can be easily taken apart for inspection and cleaning.

This cable is supplied complete with couplers to fit both the 3/8UNF and 7/16UNF brake balance bars.

Installation instructions can be seen in the technical info tab.