SUSA Inline Oil Thermostat with M22 Ports

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SUSA Inline Thermostat Installation
£ 112.63
Setrab USA (SUSA) inline oil thermostat has been designed to be fitted in the oil lines which run to and from an oil cooler. The thermostat allows engine oil to by-pass the oil cooler until the oil reaches a temperature which requires cooling (thermostat opens at 82°C).

The female M22 x 1.5 ports allow the use of Setrab oil cooler adaptors to enable a safe, secure attachment of hoses to the thermostat (note: -16JIC adaptors will not fit the thermostat housing). The mounting bracket supplied with the thermostat can be fixed in many different orientations.

Please note, the black JIC adaptors shown in the image are for illustration purposes only and are sold separately.

Fitting instructions for the SUSA inline oil thermostat can be found in the Technical Info tab.