SPA 80mm Tacho 0-12,000RPM

SPA 80mm Tacho 0-12,000RPM
Original price: £281.27
Special Price:
SPA Design tacho with 3 stage shift lights in an 80mm dial. 0-12,000 RPM. Black face with black bezel.

Features include:

- Red back lighting.
- Needle colour changes with user programmable shift points.
- Fast and smooth stepper motor driven needle.
- Microprocessor accuracy.
- Built in 3 stage LED, user programmable shift lights.
- Night and Day user programmable back lighting.
- Maximum recalls.
- Suitable for 1-16 cylinder engines.
- Digital filtering for hassle free connection to any ignition system.

This is an end of line product and we only have one available. Offered at a special price to clear.