SPA 1.25 Litre FIA Approved Mechanical Fire Extinguisher Kit

£ 340.00
SPA Design FIA Approved 1.25 litre AFFF fire extinguisher kit. This newly FIA Homologated Technical List 16 fire extinguisher kit from SPA uses 1.25 litres of AFFF fluid (inside an aluminium bottle) via 6 nozzles (2 in the cockpit and 4 in the engine area). This mechanically operated version uses 2 pull cables.

FIA Homologation number EX.054.19 for use in single seater cars only (note: Not authorised for use in Rally in compliance with the article 7: Extinguishers - Extinguishing Systems (253 Appendix J).

This 1.25 litre FIA Approved kit comes supplied complete with mounting hardwear, pipe, 6 nozzles, tee pieces and detailed fitting instructions. The bottle in this kit measures 257.5mm long (including lever mechanism) and 127mm in diameter (not including lever).