Schroth SHR Flex (HANS) Device

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Schroth SHR Flex is the latest in FHR design and technology from Schroth. The SHF Flex provides enhanced levels of comfort whilst uniquely adapts naturally to differing body types and seating positions. The simple design of the SHR Flex makes it incredibly easy to use.

The new SHR Flex is a dynamic Frontal Head and Neck Protection [FHR] system with many technological advances. Design highlights include patent pending dynamic articulation of the collar, a rate responsive bump stop to manage peak neck tension loads as well as a stabilising dual tether system and flexible form fitting lower legs to provide optimal fit and reduce interference with the seat.

The SHR Flex has been designed with a low collar to be angle independent of your seating position. Pliable legs with a low-profile integrated padding system form-fit to your upper body and chest, providing class-leading stability and allows the belts to ride close to the body for enhanced harness performance. Eliminating the external padding systems used by other FHR systems means the SHR Flex feels planted.

In addition to advanced comfort design of the SHR Flex the new device has been optimized with winglets on the upper collar and SCHROTH's patented SlipStop system on the lower legs to assist in belt retention for off-road and rally sport competitors, and during secondary impacts.

The SHR Flex has been designed and tested for use with standard 3" racing belts as well as FHR specific 2" shoulder belts.

Comes supplied complete with shoulder pads and protective carry bag. Please note, the SHR Flex device needs Twist Type Anchor Posts to be fitted to the helmet, which come supplied with the device.

The Schroth SHR Flex has been subjected to and passed SFI 38.1 homologation, a test standard which evaluates the effectiveness of a head and neck restraint. Please note, this device is not FIA approved.

The Schroth SHR Flex Device is available in two sizes: Medium for neck sizes up to 18" (46cms approx.) and Large size for 18" (46cms) upwards.

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