Samco ProFuel Xtraflex Silicone Hose 1 Metre Length

Samco ProFuel Xtraflex Silicone Hose 1 Metre Length
£ 66.73
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Samco ProFuel Xtraflex silicone straight hose. Samco's Xtraflex hose features 3 ply polyester reinforced silicone with a wire helix buries within the plies giving ultimate flexibility whilst retaining a smooth inner and outer appearance. The wire helix prevents the hose from collapsing during tight bends

Samco's ProFuel range of silicone hoses have been designed to be used in the permanent transfer of petroleum and diesel fuels. Standard silicone is not suitable for use with fuel. With this in mind, Samco came up with their ProFuel range of silicone hosing which features a unique ProFuel lining which means it is 100% safe to be used with fuels and oils.

Samco ProFuel silicone hoses are designed for use up to 180°C and can be recognised by their Green lining. Wall thickness is 4.5mm.

These Samco ProFuel Xtraflex straight lengths are available with differing internal bores and in any of Samco's huge range of external colours. Please select your internal bore size and colour option from the drop down menu, the correct price will then be displayed to you.