Red Line Racing ATF

Red Line Racing ATF
£ 17.05
Red Line Racing ATF is a fully synthetic automatic transmission fluid (similar to type F fluid) which features high viscosity and no friction modifiers.In turn, this gives faster shifts, quicker lock-up and better converter efficiency at high temperatures.

Enhanced extreme pressure additives provide 5 times better film strength when compared to petroleum ATF's. Satisfies GL-4 gear oil requirements.

This product is designed to be used where Type-F fluids are recommended or for racing transmissions which need quicker shifts than provided with Dexron II fluids. This product can also be used in manual transmissions which require ATFs, providing better gear wear and better shiftability) but Red Line MTL® will provide even better wear protection and shiftability).

Red Line High Temp ATF Fluid is supplied in 1 US Quart (946ml) bottles.

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