Racetech Universal Gear Joint Saddle Washer

Racetech Universal Gear Joint Saddle Washer
£ 4.53
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Saddle washer to suit Racetech universal gear joints. Standard flat washers do not present the correct bearing surface when being used to bolt the universal gear joints in place. This normally results in damage to the washer or to the tube ends of the joint, which eventually allows the bolt to loosen. Bolt hole through the centre is 3/16".

These plated steel paddle washers are neatly profiled to be a precise fit on the outside of the boot type universal gear joints. Available in sizes to fit all three variants of Racetech universal gear joints. Please select your gear joint size from the drop down menu above in order to receive the correct size of saddle washer.

The price shown is for ONE saddle washer. (Image is for illustration purposes only)