Racetech Universal Gear Joint 5/8 Inch Bore

£ 107.60
High quality universal joint made for Racetech by Belden. Military specification MIL-J-6193 for the aerospace industry. 

5/8 inch internal diameter both ends, 3/4 inch outside diameter and 3.187 inch total length. The maximum working angle of these universal joints is 30° with it's failure torque rated at 1900 Lb/In.

These orange booted UJ's are very common in the motorsport industry and are often the part most
people think of when using the term universal joint or UJ. Suitable for applications such as gear linkages. Has a good weight-to strength ratio and long service life. However it is not suitable for stronger forces.

Saddle washers are also available for these UJ's, see linked product below.