Omex Shift Light Pro

Omex Shift Light Pro
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£ 103.00
Omex Shift Light Pro is a shift light system which features the shift light on a lead, so ideally suited to smaller single seater or similar type cars where space is limited.

Shifting gear at the correct revs is an essential part of racing, shift too early and you miss out on the power at the top of the engine's rev range. Also, the engine revs then drop too low once the next gear is engaged, slowing the vehicle further. Likewise, shifting gear too late can cause you to hit the rev limiter, or use revs where power is dropping off, also wasting valuable time.

The Omex Shift Light Pro’s large bright LED gives an unmissable visual indication to give you perfectly timed gear shifts, every time. Multiply these gained tenths of seconds per gear shift over an entire race, rally stage, sprint or hillclimb and you have found the difference between losing and winning.

The Shift Light Pro can be triggered by any 0-12 Volt engine speed trigger. More typically a feed would be taken from the coil trigger wire or the Tacho trigger wire. The housing measures 78mm wide, by 39mm high by 21mm thick and weighs just 130grms. The rev ranges to which the limiter is settable are: 2 and 4 Cylinder engines 1,000 - 20,000rpm. 6 Cylinder engines 1,000 - 12,000rpm. 8 Cylinder engines 1,000 to 10,000rpm. The Shift Light requires a 10mm hole.