Omex Clubman Rev Limiter

Omex Clubman Rev Limiter
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The Omex Clubman rev limiter offers engine protection via a user definable engine speed cut. Selectable between either a soft or hard cut rev limit, the Clubman rev limiter reduces engine power safely to limit the engine speed thus protecting the engine from damage caused by over-revving.

The setting up of the Clubman rev limiter from Omex is easy thanks to Omex's renowned digital setting method which uses increment and decrement buttons along with LED's. This allows the user to set the rev limit rpm in 100rpm increments. This negates the need for external information which can lead to reading inaccuracies.

The Clubman rev limiter housing measures 78mm wide, by 39mm high by 21mm thick and weighs just 120grms. The rev ranges to which the limiter is settable are: 2 and 4 Cylinder engines 1,000 - 20,000rpm. 6 Cylinder engines 1,000 - 12,000rpm. 8 Cylinder engines 1,000 to 10,000rpm.

This rev limiter is compatible with non-amplified and externally amplified ignition coils; electronic or contact breaker distributors, 2 4 6 or 8 cylinders. A ‘twin coil’ version is available for 4 cylinder distributorless coil pack engines. Magneto and CD ignition systems are NOT compatible.

Modern EFI engines often have rev limiters built into the engine control unit but their response is slow, causing the revs to drop considerably before reapplying power. Adding a Clubman Rev Limiter to act just before the standard rev limiter means that if you reach the rev limit you will lose far less time.

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