Odyssey 12 Volt Battery Charger 7 Amp

Odyssey 12 Volt Battery Charger 7 Amp
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Odyssey Charger Spec
Odyssey 12 Volt battery charge with 7 Amp rating. The new Odyssey battery charger has been designed to optimise the performance and life of your Odyssey racing battery.

The Odyssey Charger's rugged and compact design delivers fast and efficient charging and is perfectly partnered to fully and safely charge your Odyssey battery. This 7 Amp version is IP67 classified making it waterproof for outdoor use. It is also non-sparking, polarity protected and short circuit proof.

Other features of the Odyssey 7 Amp battery charger include user friendly LED interface for charging status, fully automatic for optimal charging. Is suitable for all quality 12 Volt Lead-Acid, Absorbed Glass Matt (AGM) batteries. CE Approved. Rated for all the Odyssey PC batteries we stock (excluding the PC1100 Extreme 40 battery).

The Odyssey Charger measures 155mm long, 80mm wide and 43mm high. It weighs 1.1kgs and is supplied with crocodile clips for battery connection.