Nimbus GII 2 Layer Heat Shield Material

£ 13.95
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Nimbus double layers of aluminium sheet formed into a thermal barrier. Nimbus G11 is a revolutionary heat shield material which can be easily shaped to fit and fixed in place using screws, bolts & nuts or rivets,

The double-layer aluminium structure of Nimbus GII produces a remarkably efficient thermal barrier coupled with effective acoustic damping characteristics. The unique construction of this revolutionary material provides the designer with exceptional mechanical strength without the penalty of increased weight, and easily accommodates any complex forming requirements.

The Nimbus GII Heat Shield Material is available in two sizes. 300 x 300mm (1ft x 1ft) or 300 x 600mm (1ft x 2ft). Please select your required heat shield material size from the drop down menu above before placing the item in your basket.

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