Monit G-200 GPS+ Rally Computer

Monit G-200 GPS+ Rally Computer
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Monit G Series Rally Computer Spec
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The Monit G-200 GPS+ Rally Computer is a new development from Monit in their G-Series range of professional GPS Rally computers.This range replaces the existing T-Series computers.

The G-Series rally computers feature a high sensitivity GPS receiver which allows the unit to measure distance and speed without the need for a traditional wheel speed sensor thus enabling easier fitment and improved reliability.

Other features of the Monit G-100 Rally Computer include:-

G-Series display unit is the same dimensions as it's predecessor, the T-Series, measuring just 116mm wide, 57mm high and 20mm thick even with the GPS receiver inside. The receiver uses an external roof mounted antenna which provides excellent reception in most areas (please note, antennas are sold separately).

The G-Series can measure distance and speed using either the GPS satellite signal, or a traditional wheel speed sensor, or both! If both are fitted, the GPS software automatically switches to the wheel speed sensor if GPS signal is lost. This means a constant and accurate measurement is available at all times, even in dense forests or tunnels where signal may be limited.

A backup battery saves distance and clock settings for up to two weeks if main power is lost/removed. This is also ideal for multi-day events.

The Monit G-200 Rally computer's functions include total distance counter, interval distance counter, current speed, average speed, maximum speed, stopwatch, time of day, fuel gauge,0-60mph performance timer, quarter mile performance timer, two programmable remote imputs, special stage recorder and KPH or MPH operation.

The G-Series Rally Computers require an external antenna to receive the GPS signal. These are additional items which are sold separately, see linked products below.

GPS+ technology.
The GPS receiver inside the G-Series rally computer is much more sensitive than that found in a smart phone or sat-nav device. Combined with an external roof mounted antenna the high-quality receiver is able to deliver accurate distance and speed measurements almost anywhere on the planet.

However, like all GPS systems, there are some limitations. When travelling through dense forest, tunnels, or around tall buildings the GPS signal can be degraded reducing accuracy. For most competitors this will rarely be an issue, but for those who regularly operate in difficult environments and require very high accuracy this performance loss might be unacceptable.

To address this Monit has developed its unique GPS+ technology. By combining the signals from a traditional wheel sensor and the GPS receiver, the GPS+ system is able to maintain high-accuracy operation in all situations.

How it works.
1. While a good satellite signal is available the rally computer operates from GPS alone, eliminating the need for time-consuming calibration and the error caused by wheel spin. In the background the GPS+ software continuously calibrates the wheel sensor against the GPS measurements.

2. If the satellite signal is lost the GPS+ software automatically switches operation to the wheel sensor. Accurate measurements will continue uninterrupted.

3. When the satellite signal is restored operation seamlessly switches back to GPS.

Note: If no wheel sensor is connected the unit will add the straight line distance between where the GPS signal is lost and regained instead.